Hi My Name is James Womack One Half of the Co-Owner Of EWWF ,

I have Gathered Some Information From The Other Co-Owner Kle,

This is A Nine Year old Efed , we started In 2000 and now it's 2008 and were Back With a New Roster and Some new Title's and a great show with some Great People and Great Addicted Towards E-fedding , Hope you all Enjoy your self's in the world of Efedding and lets hope you have a good time with us.
Here's my piece on this thing. I told Womack, what I was guessing. I don't really know. I didn't start this fed. I started roleplaying in Electronic Web Wrestling Foundation in 2000. It had been going on for a little bit, but I don't know how long. It was started by HBK (JT McGuire) and a group of his friends in New Jersey. It was this fed where the Roster pics were South Park Wrestlers. I started as Spike Dudley and won The TV Title the first week I was there. I also was The second Sting (The first one had left) and won the tag titles. Later on I became The Comish as Kevin Nash and Started NWO Cobra. JT deceided to shut the fed down and I took it over.
Now, this is where my old guy memory goes blank until 2002. In 2002, EWWF had it's most successful run. This era showed the likes of The Franchise, Jason Cane, Genocide, LOD, Ricky Riley and DOA (Dark Halo & The Corpse). It was going well, until I went on vacation for a week. While I was gone I left Kev (Franchise) in charge and The Project E-Feds Server crashed. By the time I got back It was to late as everybody else had moved on. I've opened EWWF a couple of times as well as a couple of other feds since then. With Internet problems, Life in General and the Life expectancy of the typical e-fed, I had failed. I deceided when I got net recently, to give EWWF a go again. And Here we Are.
EWWF Owner