1. No whining.

2. No More than two characters per handler.

3.You must RP at least twice a week. You will get three warnings, after the third warning you will be fired. Yet, I am a kind guy and I may let you back in if you reapply.

4.Length of RPs doesn't matter. But longer rps will increase your chances of winning the match. Length does not matter but Quality does. Use Word to check your spelling and grammar.

5. Use of someone else's character without permission is tolerated. Just don't make it excessive or unrealstic.

6. No drama on The OCC Board.

7.No advertising on The OCC Board without Prior Consent.

8.Deadline for Travesty Rps is 8PM EST, Tuesday. Deadline for PPVs is 8PM EST, The Saturday before.

9.Have Fun.

10. This is your fed. Any Ideas or suggestions send to ewwf08@yahoo.com

11. Extreme 24/7 Rules: The Hardcore Title is Scenario based. The Thread will start with a Scenario posted by a member of the staff. The first person to post a rp to the scenario, will be in the match (In the case of a vacated title, the first two). The Champion will have 8 hrs to post a response rp. If the champ does not reply, the challenger wins. If the champ does reply, the challenger has the option of posting a reply. The match will continue until a member of the staff calls it.